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points. better than expect did jobs report was not enough. 170,000 jobs or add and -- were added but crushed expectations also the revision and august were supportive of an improving market. our chief economist will tell us if we will not see a double dip recession. what about investing? lumber had a good week up 60% as people stock up after the hurricane. $319 per 1,000 feet of board. check out the pictures. between four and six hour
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lines everyone fights to make sure they have enough to get around. they're wasting guest looking for gas. two-thirds of the stations are inoperable. or cannot operate because they do not have electricity. staten island is fuming the mayor has confirmed the marathon is on but the "wall street journal" says it still could be canceled. that is the starting point*. nobody is in the mood for that total destruction where the gun goes off. liz macdonald is live talking to the manager that is operating at a gas
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station but he is fighting off a crowd. also generators. one ceo that very few of you had in your portfolio before. list dock is jumping as shares surged more than 20% he will speak to us live. what good is a generator if you don't have gasoline? might want to use what little we have left. is affecting the markets. how much of the jobs report
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is a member or a distraction? let's go to the new york stock exchange, chicago mercantile exchange and it is expecting -- higher than expected is confusing. >> you would see the market was up 100 points to the fewer jobless people in a blow away the member but his wall street thinking ahead? the economy is getting better including the revisions and that means no longer lemonade the federal reserve with quantitative leasing and rates should rise with the dollar then the materials group comes off. then it is the oil and gas because it is cheaper to buy
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with more dollars. liz: let's go to nymex. crude oil is down to%. natural gas down 4% and gasoline down 2.25%. with supply goes down doesn't surprise go up? >> we have a bottle back in the system. it needs to get out to the east coast we have a bottleneck in new jersey so of leaded gas is in the philadelphia area but not a three-year the price has come off but now the technical level does not look good which is $85 but because we cross it we see $82 and that want to mention
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natural-gas business situation the weather was getting colder there for getting rid of the storage but people cannot turn on their furnaces therefore that natural gas is not being used. it will be interesting with the number of thursday. liz: do you have power? >> you can see by my facial hair i do not. [laughter] i do have hot water but i don't have lights to shave. it is dangerous. [laughter] but with natural gas the flow is charged with a static. liz: i am saying now i should have gotten a
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natural gas. >> yes. that is an expensive proposition. i feel bad for those who are without power including myself. i am a new jersey. liz: i heard fort lee has power. [laughter] scott has no problem he is in chicago. the closing bell ringing in 55 minutes. this massive hurricane story maybe it is a frustrating lines of cars waiting for gasoline. we are live if talking about the flow to get gasoline to the pumps. residents are outraged that
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this city puts resources behind the marathon although it could be a fluid situation. don't go away. down 100 points. follow the wings.
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liz: of power mover of company called sky9 work stumbling the one reit chart down 14.5% after first quarter beat expectation with the emerging market pressure with the chinese 2g phones but it will give the company boost burma 2012 budget it was of big move to the downside. here is dow jones industrial average home depot moving into the ninth position.
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there is a better sense chevron down $3.45. going to nicole petallides at new york stock exchange maybe they thought nobody would best. >> three ipo today the first after hurricane sandy. look at restoration hardware up 32% of the earlier highs but it had a great pop which is a furniture retailer excepted beautifully. standing next to south cross energy up battle point* 5%. they did well even though hurricane sandy blooms on
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the eastern seaboard. liz: day do not sell hardware. they sell pretty stuff. [laughter] lasalle whole crew knows, the devastation from hurricane zandi -- sandy is felt that these coast with the energy side then the human side. we have lived team coverage 40 miles from and had an atom we will start with you. >> behind me receive the national guard and passing a water but also red cross now showing up but the field of dreams foundation and they showed up early on their own
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volunteers bringing food and clothing. diapers, betting common medications, food if you can cook or pizzas if you cannot. people are coming out with converters for govett is what is going on in staten island. those who are still waiting for the sanitation trucks they are furious the new york city marathon will be run. and assemblywoman says the governor should take the lead and another one said the mayor should get his stuff together. they're waiting for assistance. liz: is that the translation and you got? i ran the marathon.
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it paralyzes the city. we do not need that. this is mike commentary. list mcdonald is in new jersey. i cannot even believe they have it there. >> people are waiting to hours and the temperature is dropping people are showing up to get gas for their cars and generators. right about not having gasoline over the weekend. you can see the two mile-long stretch troopers are here to keep the peace. 11 men got hot coffee thrown in her face. i am standing europe said general manager.
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pilot has it going on. a generator and gas supplies. not just new jersey white can they come here? >> we offer service but also has a great team supplying us with the wall. >> to run your own refinery? >> we have multiple sources they're doing a great job to supply us. >> when did the line begin? >> 36 hours and has been like this continuously. >> the reason why is crowd control is so tight. they keep the cars back we just heard from many jersey utility they're trying to get power to the convenience and stores. we have been breaking news
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80% of gas stations in new jersey have no electrical power. also the terminals have been flooded so they are trying to get the water out so they can deliver to these places. liz: so to repeat, we will not run out of gas per co-pilot is in organization based out of the tennessee. this ceo and founder is the brand new owner of the cleveland browns. he said watch out for hurricane season. we can make sure our gas stations have gasoline. mahwah new jersey duking get there. chris christie holding a news conference right now. we will listen how many roads have opened. >> .
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to of our rail operations run under 6 feet of water we have got in the water out of there for the most part but we had a backup generator failed so that will be put off for another day. like to rail service is back in service. number four. clearwater. fuel deliveries have increased keeping gasoline running well the wait for full power. new lifted the abortive rise
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34 atlantic city, said rich, united water highland lakes and 10 drinking systems under boil water advisory's. 28 waste treatment plants mostly losing power and flooding and the four counties in the northern part of the state hudson and bergen and essex will work with the army corps of engineers. liz: governor chris christie giving some good news but a backup generator did fail. clean water is available even in the hardest hit areas including atlantic city. fuel deliveries are increasing and waste treatment plants are operating. looking at the psychology of the market and all that is
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going on here. the closing bell rings 41 minutes. hurricane sandy could claim the future of chief executive from my capital may have been blown away. one ceo in the crossfire. ♪ bob...
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liz: and a market check look at apple down more than 1% as the new ipad did is hitting the stores not normally but huge line the die-hard apple fans to not want to miss the launch a few did lineup for the 86
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per usually when apple launches the stock does go down. but look at groupon shares in the red hitting record lows. and has fallen nearly 81%. the sec has asked groupon for financial disclosure so now the sec has more questions. according to "wall street journal" they repeat repeat -- reviewed of their disclosures. here is the one-year picture not good. wall street places bets but not what is typically a normal that only the election but becoming
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confident about the fate of the new york marathon. >> charlie gasparino? >> there firms are sponsors they tell me the new york city marathon they believe is canceled. do we have confirmation? we do not. there has been an uprising in the city. personally i think they should have it. at some point* we have to get back to normalcy but is hotly debated. in the financial community people are hearing it is done in. it one not have been. you often do it. >> i have run it go but it kos his days causes massive gridlock it is hard enough
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to get around. >> and is probably the distinctly impossible. the trading desk is usually right. of the mayor's office has not commented but the trading community affirms our sponsored so they have good intelligence. i heard that tiger woods was making his comeback but how did i get that? he has sponsors on wall street. they are generally good. liz: it goes over the bridge than other bridges and first avenue, the entire length then through harlem and down fifth avenue and central park we already have a dangling crane causing
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reebok. >> i live beyond 20th street i saw the east river, of 20th street and cause damage and cars were floating away. i walk to work. that part of new york art uninhabitable. it is not much better. liz: not trying to disturb anything but the use the civil unrest? liz macdonald says people are throwing hot coffee. >> i said to the fire department of new york i heard anecdotal evidence people's tempers are short could you imagine and people are jogging by them?
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for all i know power comes on tomorrow. so we could have the marathon but that is huge. they have good intel and work with government that is our adopted tiger woods story. liz: what about to save face that mayor bloomberg puts it on the organization and let them say they back off? >> i do not have this from the mayor's office perpetrators are saying it is done. when that gets around this usually right. maybe in five minutes than there will say come hell or high water but they're
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usually right saying it is done. at first i thought it is good but logistically i hear anecdote evidence but tempers are short i had to walk up eight flights and pitch darkness and i am in good shape. i have three kids no heat heat, no hot water. >> you cannot tell what your car. you cannot because there is no electricity. if it turned on tomorrow by a con-ed. >> i know how to siphon yes. i used to do it.
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liz: i had to move my car. [laughter] >> i think it is done. liz: you said it first. it was a big week here are the "movers and shakers." her. >> goldman sachs was the most prestigious place to work on wall street for the most admired company taking ford and sears public. it was iconic approaching the middle of the decade with glass-steagall repealed , and derivatives deregulated, banks in 2004 could take maximum leverage in goldman realized it could make more urban aid to bat for itself. >> carriers prepared ahead of time. just like jetblue. we saying it is the bottom
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line it will be a quarter billion are 300 million at the end of the day. >> we have a recovery site with 250 people there to serve clients the staff has done a fantastic job with there clients' needs. >> this has the augmented cvr to record as many shows that you like and upload to the cloud see you can watch it from any device and upload as much as you like. >> the closing bell rings in 20 minutes more than 3 million homes and
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businesses without power. cars are lined up for miles just to fill up cars and generators. we have the ceo of the leading manufacturer of generators but what if there is no gasoline to run them? coming up. ♪
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this is a test.
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the one breaking news. the dow jones is on track to close the week in the right. investors eating up shares of one-stop today. let's go to nicole on the floor of the new york talk exchange. >> we are talking about starbucks and whole foods market. moving together, they came out
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with their new advertisement be history, raises forecast for starbucks is looking good so far. not only did they beat the street street and raised the outlook, but also asked about the chief financial officers noting how important the holiday quarter is for the company. over the course of the order, he said no, there will not be a meaningful impact to us. this is the company, liz, unlike delta airlines and verizon wireless, they are saying that hurricane sandy is not going to hurt their numbers. very good news is they raise their forecasts. they have a lot of promotional measures as well to bring in customers. liz: far be it for me to
3:39 pm
question him. both have had naugatuck pillories anytime a normally those glass shelves that they have a normally full. >> yes, this is true. liz: i'm not sure why he i'm not sure why you think this won't hurt them in some way shape or form. >> mind wouldn't even open comes to your ahead of me. liz: knuckle, thank you very much. there are worse problems come we know that. but we are giving you a anecdotal anecdotal evidence of each stock we talk about. but there is hard facts that we are talking about. how many people will be saying that i have to get a generator next time. but here is an issue that many of us have seen developed. what good are gasoline powered generators if you run out of gasoline? 3.6 million homes along the eastern seaboard. many gasoline stations are still without power following the well of flow of hurricane sandy. the demand is huge. genarac is a leading manufacturer of generators that
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has ramped up production of shipping to meet the needs of people affected. aaron jagdfeld is the ceo. a couple of issues i have to get to first, but first off, are you able to ship a bunch of generators now or is the gasoline issue or trucks getting these new generators into our area? >> is getting logistics taken care of in terms of fuel for trucks and getting the trucks are great in a lot of cases, getting into the metro area is very difficult. some of the areas hardest hit -- we were having a hard time getting things moving to those areas. we have shipped a lot of products before the event actually had, which was great. people a bill to get it in place so that people could hopefully trying to what they could do to protect themselves. but after ahead, it has been difficult. liz: do you specialize in gasoline powered generators, liquid natural gas? >> we specialize in all kinds. obviously during a storm, people run out and they try to buy one
3:41 pm
of the large big-box retailers for the problem is the first of all there is a scarcity issue that they run into. but if they're lucky enough to find one, we typically see same type of pattern repeated in major wholesale damage like that. the gas stations -- unfortunately, a lot of active themselves. finding gasoline, if you didn't have the foresight to go ahead and fill up a bunch of gas cans ahead of the event and a lot of people don't have the capability of doing that, you're kind of stuck with your portable generator in terms of not having fuel. we have seen a huge shift over the last five to seven years where people are going with backup power, which run off a lp because they don't have that fuel issue. liz: okay, we thought we were all prepared. now it is panic. have a natural gas filling work
3:42 pm
for one of these generators? >> so it comes right outside her home. they are fully automatic review even have to be home if the power goes out. these generators -- we call them home standby generators. liz: how much do they run? >> they can be $2000 orchitis for $5000. liz: what is the lowest priced? >> the lowest price starts at $1800. liz: empowers your refrigerator, your television? >> just some of the basics, your refrigerator and some pump and tv. but the bigger generators will cover your whole home. liz: what kind of calls are getting right now. what about business customers and not just residential? of a commercial building? >> the manufacture generators
3:43 pm
for those as well. we obviously have a very broad product out there. also we get today are people asking about -- that they have questions about maintaining their generators, it has been running for about seven days. is there anything we should be doing with that product. the questions quickly turn. many of the calls we're getting today is how can i find one. liz: welcome your stock is doing great. thirty-three cents below your 52 week high. i know that that is not first and foremost, but at times like this to you guys are coming through. it's great to talk to you, aaron jagdfeld. we appreciate you. >> and you so much. liz: aaron jagdfeld of genarac. he is trying to get a lot of generators, but the trucks that carry them, they don't want to run out of gas as well. "closing bell" ringing in a few
3:44 pm
short minutes. a few short days until the election. a few days until americans head to the polls. but with fiscal uncertainty looming, for whoever wins, should investors be looking outside the u.s. glove up their it has not these people's concerns about their money and savings. our next guest talks about why this may be outside of our borders. don't go away.
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liz: take a look on the screen right now. we have priceline, to travel
3:49 pm
stocks,, strong quarterly earnings. burchard advisors part, they lead the way. 20% of the day and we have other travel sites getting swept up in all of us. a very big boost from all of this. sending green arrows all across the board for many of these, including kayak and orbitz. getting to big news. this has become a staging area for emergency vehicles. coming to us courtesy of wnyw. everyone is waiting with the emergency vehicles, ambulances, waiting. the question is, what do they waited -- what are they waiting
3:50 pm
for? due to gridlock issues and other issues, it is not looking good. some people say that it is good to keep business up and it is good to keep going, but sometimes it's not easy during the state street investor sentiments may be a little too lax. we have a guest joining us on a fox business exclusive. great investment options leading up to the election. if they are lax, it is what it is, is in a? >> the question comes down to what are some of the possibilities that can come out of this election. what impact will that have on the economy. when you speak a lot of investors, most of them are fairly confident.
3:51 pm
liz: you are never the kind of guy that doesn't have the people making news in portfolios. what should people be doing beforehand if anything? >> you know, often beforehand, i don't think people should do anything. the reality for the next few days, the election outcome is very uncertain. it is 5050. not only the race to the white house, but also the senate. the question is what comes after the election. if you get a very divisive outcome, the risks of this -- ironically, one way they might want to consider doing that is lowering allocations to stocks and bonds in the u.s. and increasing international exposure. liz: international exposure. that's something people can do without waiting.
3:52 pm
you believe that no matter who becomes president, people's money can really grow? >> yes. one of the things people should keep in mind is that they have done very well the last few years. the u.s. has outperformed for good reason. we are shifting to an environment where the u.s. may be a bigger source of rest. in addition, they are not that cheap against other markets. we like northern europe, we'd like asia, we buy commercial markets. liz: we have brazil on a couple of these funds. why brazil? >> brazil is an interesting play. the stocks are very cheap. they trade for about less than 10 times earnings, and one of the things we like about it is the real evidence of structural reform. we see monetary policy model tries on the types of structural reform that leads to faster growth. also, very good energy, and as a is a sector that we like over
3:53 pm
the long-term. liz: let me just say you also like china funds. these are energy companies, banks, etc., china, seeing a little bit of a slowdown? >> i think we are. china has been a disappointment this year. no one believes it's going back to 10% growth. we do think the worst news is behind it and it will rebound in 2013. another area is chinese small caps. companies that will benefit the most consumption continues to rise in china. liz: chinese small caps. an unbelievable story that has been up-and-down. it is good to see you. thank you very much. >> and you, turn to. liz: we will see what happens a couple of days before the election. the closing bell ringing and seven minutes. take a look at the big board. the dow jones industrial taking a pretty big hit today. this last hour, seven minutes
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ago, down 133 points for the year. the dow jones is up 7%. the nasdaq is up 14% year-to-date. the s&p is up 12%. make that 13% if you're looking at year-over-year jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ]
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he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees.
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so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. liz: walmart down 3%. for the winner, bank of america. nice move to the upside. a lot is happening in this next hour. after the bell, we do have a bunch of news we need to get to you right now.
3:58 pm
david asman getting ready for that. david: we are looking at interesting moves. starbucks. talk about a gainer. liz: let's go to nicole petallides. better than expected jobs report. why weren't traitors impressed with the numbers? nicole: when you hear all the experts talk about the facts of rate of growth we are seeing, it will take nine or ten years to get back to normal levels for an appointment. that certainly does not make you feel like you should be fine this market on the contrary. short-term selling going on right now. david: look at what happened to apple. the last time i looked it was down $21. over 3% loss in just one day. 3.5% off now.
3:59 pm
nicole: it is very interesting. it looked as if it was going higher. i solved the lines for the ipad many. today, it is selling into the close. liz: energy one of the worst performing sectors today. we have natural gas significantly lower. what are the names behind all of that? nicole: i would certainly put chevron and chesapeake in there. they both came out with numbers and earnings. we are not seeing production from chevron. they did not meet the streets. most of the energy names came under pressure. david: we are focusing on oil. let's focus a little bit on natural gas. we have someone coming up, by the way, betting on natural gas. clean energy is the name of the

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